The Walking Dead: 6 reasons Rick and Michonne are perfect for each other

Rejoice, Richonne shippers! Last week’s spoiler turned out to be entirely true — in an episode now fondly being referred to as “Apocalypse and Chill,” Rick and Michonne just got it on. And while we can’t be sure how it was for them, it was pretty great for us. 

I’ve not been shy about my hope that these two would hook up. I have no shame in my shipping, and I was shipping Rick and Michonne hard. So while tonight’s magic moment wasn’t necessarily surprising (especially in light of last week’s spoiler), its timing did catch me off-guard.

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That was kind of the brilliance of it, right? We’ve all been waiting for it to happen for so long, we kind of just stopped thinking about it very actively. So, in a way, we weren’t expecting our favorite apocalyptic duo to, uh, du-o it this week.

But they did, and it was brilliant.

In case you missed it, Rick returned from a supply run with Daryl — another great relationship that progressed tonight, all hail the Rickyl bromance — and sunk into the sofa in the Alexandria home he and Michonne are apparently sharing now.

The Walking Dead
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A few minutes later, Michonne joins him, and they watch Judith on the baby monitor for a few moments before Rick reveals he brought something back for Michonne. He slips a pack of mints into her hand, their hands kind of clasp and then, well, you know how these things go.

Later, as they lay naked in bed, the guy Rick and Darryl picked up that day bursts into the room. As The Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick put it, the sex was so good they saw Jesus. Ba-dum-tish!

So, in honor of Richonne officially becoming a ship and making the dreams of all Richonne shippers come true, here are a few reasons Rick and Michonne are perfect for each other.

1. It’s a natural evolution

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When I watch The Walking Dead, I’m always struck by two thoughts. No. 1, sh*t, I need to step up my cardio if I’m going to survive the zombie apocalypse and, no. 2, why aren’t more people having sex in the zombie apocalypse? Aside from Maggie and Glenn (who’ve obviously been doin’ it, ’cause baby) and Abraham’s prior sexcapades, we haven’t seen a whole lot of intimacy. And while I get that this is, like, worst-case life scenario and all, I think that almost makes it more likely people would seek physical connections. Rick and Michonne have always had such a palpable chemistry that it seems only natural for that to translate into something physical.

2. Michonne feels deeply for Rick’s kids, too

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One of tonight’s most heart-rending moments happened between Carl and Michonne. When she approaches him about going out into the woods alone — and specifically leading walker-fied Deanna to Spencer to kill — she asks him why he would do such a thing. He explains that he couldn’t kill her because he felt it should be someone she loved who did it. He then shared, “I would do it for you.” Michonne hugs Carl close and says she would too. The bond between these two is so very sweet! In many ways, Michonne has served as a surrogate mother for Carl and Judith. She truly loves those kids, which only intensifies the connection between her and Rick.

3. They are finally ready

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In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Scott M. Gimple reveals that this is a story he was “interested in pursuing for a long time, even before I was running the show.” He admits he had some reservations about solidifying the relationship so soon after Jessie’s death, but that actually also made the timing right. “The Jessie relationship was critical for Rick in opening up that side of himself, for having a larger personal world, to have something more than survival. Jessie’s impact on Rick was making him see that he is a whole person and he can live a full emotional life, despite the state of the world, despite the history he’s had.”

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4. I mean, look at them

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Right? C’mon… right?? Yes, this is superficial. In my defense, it is but one of many reasons, most of which are not superficial. Having said that, seriously you guys — they are both so so beautiful. It’s only fitting that if two people that gorgeous end up in the same orbit during the zombie apocalypse that they would collide.

5. They understand each other

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Although everyone seems to be on the same page that this can’t be a one night stand, given their history, you also get the sense that Rick and Michonne could just go back to the ways things were if that’s what one or the other needed. They’ve been through so much together that they’ve come to better know each other than perhaps they know anyone else. Even before their tryst tonight, there was a real sense of intimacy to their friendship in how much they had allowed each other into their lives. That kind of foundation is hard to come by in relationships, much less in the zombie apocalypse.

6. They make fans feel some kind of way

Obviously, I am one of them. However, let the record show I am most certainly not alone in my elation over the official ship-dom of Rick and Michonne. Here are some of my favorite responses from fellow Richonne shippers in the Twittersphere.

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