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Klaus vs. Alaric vs. Stefan: Who should Caroline end up with on TVD?

Just when you thought Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) were over for good, The Vampire Diaries teases a serious future reunion between the two.

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Sure, three years down the line we’ve seen blips of Caroline engaged to Alaric and raising his twin daughters as her own.

But now it’s clear that engagement might just be for show and protection more than actual love.

Because Caroline and her family are heading to New Orleans in the future “to visit Mommy’s friend.” And who else could Mommy’s friend be expect one brooding Original vampire who told Caroline he was her endgame. Cue the Klaroline cheers!

Of course, just because Caroline is going to visit Klaus doesn’t mean they are reuniting in the love sense. More than likely, Caroline and Alaric are looking for help from the Original vampires with their Rayna problems.

Not only does Caroline’s family in the future complicate her everlasting love with Klaus, but Stefan is also still very much in the picture in her present. And though it seems that they ended things on a seriously rough note, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for a reconciliation at some point.

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SheKnows ran a poll last night during the show to get fans’ thoughts on who was Caroline’s actual endgame and the results were definitely heated.

Klaus did win by a pretty good margin, but that doesn’t mean Steroline fans didn’t make a valiant showing to cheer on their ship.

Poor Alaric was left in the dust and pretty much forgotten. Which is why I can’t help but think that there is more to the Caroline/Alaric relationship than love. It seems like such an odd pairing, and I understand that they are raising their daughters together, but could their engagement be more of a sham than we know? Perhaps there’s a deeper reason — maybe for their daughters’ safety? — that these two needed to put on a united front.

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Obviously, we all know at this point that I’m biased. Klaroline all the way! But I also understand that their respective shows are making a reunion a bit complicated, to say the least. Still, I absolutely appreciate the writers’ efforts to tease the fact that they haven’t forgotten about our love of their relationship, even though Klaus has moved on to a new series.


This article was written prior to the polls closing, when Klaus had a substantial lead over Stefan, but clearly, Steroline supporters came out in serious numbers to take the win.

Why do you think Caroline is visiting New Orleans in the future?

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