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The Amazing Race nearly had a thong crisis

So… you become a contestant on a reality show, in which you are racing around the globe, right?

You with me? Awesome.

The time has come to pack your bag, and deciding what to bring with you has to be hard!

At least it seems that making those tough decisions proved difficult for one of this season’s Amazing Race cast members.

Blair Fowler, a self-styled YouTube Beauty Guru, and her father came in last place in the first episode, but were saved as it was a non-elimination leg. So, when host Phil Keoghan asked what the pair might do differently moving forward in order to catch up, the younger Fowler’s hand shot up to say she is going to unpack the curling iron and blowdryer she had in her bag, making the Internet’s collective mouths drop.

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Yet the beauty tutorial maven wasn’t done shocking the audience with her packing decisions. The second leg of the race had the teams racing around Colombia, the detour taking them to a volcanic mud pit to search for an emerald. When Blair headed into the changing room to get ready to plunge into the pit, you heard her call out in desperation, “I don’t have a bathing suit!” Then she called to her father, “Do you have anything I could wear as a bathing suit that isn’t a thong?”

Excuse me, what?

And fans of the show took to social media to voice their confusion at Fowler’s inexplicable misstep, too.

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Thankfully, someone off-camera asked if she would like some spandex shorts to wear, which of course she thankfully accepted.

But seriously, what on earth was she thinking?

It’s a question that we got the answer to once Fowler saw everyone talking about it on Twitter. She responded with a very rational reason for not having a bathing suit.

Well, fine. I suppose that sounds reasonable enough… I guess we’ll have to see if her rationalization proves true and she stops appearing incredibly unprepared for the race or if hindsight has given her 20/20 vision to explain away her ineptitude.

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At the conclusion of tonight’s episode, we saw Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman sent home when a fatal error in taxi judgement cost them their nail-thin lead over Vine brothers Darius and Cameron Benson.

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