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Duggar family minister hit with new sex abuse allegations


The sex abuse lawsuit against Duggar family minister Bill Gothard has gotten bigger, with several new people — including men — joining the list of plaintiffs.

Gothard, who was head of the Institute in Basic Life Principles that the Duggar family actively promotes and participates in, now has three more women and two men accusing him and other leaders of the ministry of conspiring to cover up decades of sexual abuse.

In an amended suit, three more women have accused Gothard of molestation, and two men claim they were pressured to keep the deviant behavior covered up.

“Like Bill Cosby, it continues to grow, with more and more people coming forward,” attorney David Gibbs III told the Chicago Tribune.

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Plaintiff Daniel Dorsett claims that during his two years as Gothard’s driver, he witnessed the minister sexually harass or molest more than 150 young girls, and was told by Gothard that he would go straight to hell if he breathed a word about it to anyone.

The Institute in Basic Life Principles also runs the Advanced Training Institute, whose home-schooling guidelines are closely followed by the Duggars, and runs the religious facility where Josh Duggar was sent as a teen after admitting to molesting five girls, including his own sisters.

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Gothard has denied all wrongdoing. “My client does not believe he should need to engage the legal process in this situation, but he has no choice but to defend himself,” his attorney Glenn Gaffney said, “and in defending himself, he will have to take the offensive as to the false and defamatory statements made against him.”

Gothard resigned from the organization in 2014 after the allegations were made public.

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