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Why Kesha deserves more than a judge’s ruling in her rape case

A judge today denied Kesha’s request to temporarily get out of her contract with Sony because she doesn’t want to work with music producer Luke “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, who allegedly drugged and assaulted Kesha for years.

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Kesha broke down in tears when she heard the ruling. And the world is standing by the singer, in just as much shock as she is. #FreeKesha is trending on Twitter, with an outpouring of support, begging Sony to let the singer go from her contract.
This case is admittedly very complicated. The judge technically made the right call in upholding the contract laws of the state. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it was morally the correct decision in this case.

No woman should have to work with a man who sexually and emotionally abused her for years in the way Kesha claims Dr. Luke did.

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But to me, this isn’t the court’s responsibility. It’s Sony’s. And they have failed in that job, which is what led Kesha to seek the court’s help.

Rather, Sony should have not just offered Kesha a new producer but offered her a new, better producer and assured her that she was still going to receive the same publicity and promotion throughout her career despite the producer shift. If they can’t do that, then they should let her go.

As Kesha’s lawyer claimed after the ruling today, Sony has more invested in Dr. Luke than they do in Kesha, so they aren’t as concerned with the longevity of her career when you put the two up against one another. Serious politics are at play, which is gross and devastating when you consider that politics are outweighing the fact that a woman was sexually abused for years.

And if Dr. Luke really was sexually assaulting Kesha like this, there is a slim chance she was the first. (Dr. Luke claims that this is just a smear campaign against him to get Kesha out of her contract.)

Now, who knows how Sony is really handling this situation behind closed doors. It seems like they are trying their best to stay out of the spotlight when commenting on this one, aside from a few random comments about her success and value to them as a corporation. Fingers crossed that this new ruling drives them to finally make an illuminating statement that justifies their actions. (I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here.) It seems like Sony is choosing money over a woman’s well-being in the most basic of ways, and that should definitely be a crime.

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But Sony and Kesha aside, what about Sony and Dr. Luke? If there is enough evidence to prove that Dr. Luke is, in fact, guilty of the crimes Kesha claims, then how can Sony possibly keep him employed? How can Sony possibly protect this man over Kesha? It seems like Kesha is the one who is being punished right now for speaking out, and that is a problem that is all too common among rape victims. Kesha is the one who finds herself in court, and Kesha is the one who has to battle for her rights, all while Dr. Luke stays employed and tries to wait out these accusations. It’s terribly wrong. And that’s not the court’s fault — it’s Sony’s.

This could be the corporation’s chance to take a stand and make some real positive change for women. Sony could set a new standard for handling these terrible situations and ensure that Kesha isn’t victimized even further than she has been already. She deserves to stand with her head held high, knowing that she has people behind her, supporting her. She deserves to make the kind of music she wants to make without the pressures of the man who drugged and assaulted her anywhere near her.

Sony, we’re watching. And, for women everywhere, we hope you do the right thing.

How do you think Sony should handle Kesha’s contract claims?

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