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Are Mama June and Sugar Bear headed for divorce? (VIDEO)

As the Marriage Boot Camp finale draws near, fans are wondering about the fate of our couples.

Mama June Shannon and her husband Mike Sugar Bear Thompson have worked through a challenging past, including his extramarital affairs with both men and women. Will they stay together? In a clip first posted on People, Mama June and Sugar Bear make their way to the show’s final ring ceremony.

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“You can cut the tension with a knife, because my life could change in a minute,” says Sugar Bear. If the couple decides not to recommit, the Marriage Boot Camp rules say they will have to separate.

At the ring ceremony, he asks Mama June, “I know I’ve hurt you and the girls, and I want to start over fresh. I love you, but you could love me a little bit back? Not much. Just a little bit.” It’s clear that Sugar Bear is excited to start the relationship anew, but will Mama June feel the same?

Mama June responds to her husband’s plea, “I think that you’ve made huge progress here, but you’ve made bad choices. I believe you want to change, but I don’t know if you can change.”

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We’ll have to wait until the episode airs on WE tv to find out if she’ll take her husband back. Tune in on Friday at 9/8c, and watch the full video preview below now.

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