Katy Perry attacked for being a mean girl by fellow singer

Feb 19, 2016 at 8:28 a.m. ET
Image: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Is Katy Perry the real "Regina George in sheep's clothing" she said we should "watch out" for? That's what one young singer is claiming.

Singer Ryn Weaver, 23, posted a series of now-deleted tweets on Wednesday, saying she was bullied by Perry. She even compared the "Roar" singer to the Mean Girls character Regina George.

Weaver went off after Perry tweeted a supportive message about Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Weaver called the tweet "ignorant" and shared a YouTube video titled, "Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight."

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Weaver added, "No offense @katyperry but considering how much of a bully you were to me... I hope you don't mind my mindful disagreement w ur $$ endorsement."

Politics aside, Weaver went on to detail her personal beef with the "Teenage Dream" singer, claiming Perry bullied her at a Drake concert.

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In a series of now-deleted tweets, with some typos, directed at Twitter user @hausofdion, Weaver wrote, "If u must know... She came up to me and my friends.. Knowing I played.. After we were friends.. Then stared at me the whole time. She spoke to my friend waiting for me to speak... Anytime I spoke she started turning her head around pretending she heard something... Then said 'dos u hear something?' While staring at me.. Anytime I spoke.. After we were already friends.. Did this the entire night...Then came w us to drake and stared at me the WHOLE SHOW.. Then any time I caught her eye out of my periphery she proceeded to alert her entire posse saying 'that ryn weaver girl is soooo obsessed with me' loud enough for my entire group of friends to hear... While talking why the WHOLE NIGHT loud enough for me to hear.. After pretending I didn't even exist."


Many KatyCats, aka Perry fans, attacked Weaver for sharing her experience, but despite deleting the tweets, she 's standing by her story.


In another tweet she did not delete, Weaver added the ultimate kicker.


Back in September 2014, Perry posted a cryptic tweet many believed was aimed at Taylor Swift, after Swift not so slyly hinted that her song "Bad Blood" was about Perry trying to "sabotage an entire arena tour" during a Rolling Stone interview.


When Billboardasked Perry if the "Regina George" tweet was indeed about Swift, she said, "If somebody is trying to defame my character, you're going to hear about it."

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Perry has yet to comment on Weaver's allegations, but Perry fans have accused Weaver of being in cahoots with Swift after the series of tweets. The "OctaHate" singer quickly shut them down.


Weaver also tweeted one journalist, saying that she "didn't want an article written about a feud," so this isn't an article about a feud. We just wish all of our favorite female musicians could get along, support one another and form the ultimate girl squad. After all, girls have got to stick together.

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