Younger: 7 things that could happen if Liza gets dumped

If you’re a fan of Younger, you’re probably either rooting for Liza and Josh or hoping they break up sooner rather than later. Well, if you’re all about the latter, you might not have to wait too much longer. 

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Based on the promo for next Wednesday’s episode, things appear to be quite rocky for the duo. Firstly, Josh introduces Liza to another woman as his “my, uh, really good friend Liza.” What’s that now, Josh? Shouldn’t you be introducing her as your girlfriend?

If that’s not enough, Josh also says to Liza, “I can’t do this anymore.” He appears to be very serious and looks extremely upset. So, does this mean Liza and Josh are over for good? That remains to be seen, but if Josh does break things off with Liza, then here’s where Liza could end up.

1. She could focus on herself

Younger is all about Liza finding herself as a newly divorced woman of 40. So, if she does part ways with Josh, this would be the perfect opportunity for Liza to focus even more on herself.

2. She could work on her career

A huge part of Liza is reestablishing her publishing career. I mean, she’s even pretending to be 26 to hold a job down at one of the biggest publishing firms in New York City. That said, if Josh isn’t in her life, Liza could put even more effort into her career.

3. Josh could get with Kelsey

Now, I don’t know if either Kelsey or Josh would go this route, because it would probably upset Liza. But I think these two have great chemistry. Even though Kelsey is with Thad, in the promo above she says to him, “I’m just seeing everything a lot more clearly.” Is that spelling bad things for Thad?

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4. She could write a book

Liza is part of the publishing world, after all. Plus, she loves to read and write, so sooner or later I bet she’ll write her very own book. Maybe it will be even sooner than viewers and Liza think. It’s not like she doesn’t have an interesting story to tell. I mean, just look at her life.

5. She could be friends with Josh

If Liza and Josh split, that doesn’t mean they won’t remain on good terms. There’s a very good chance they could remain friends and keep things civil.

6. She could play the field

Who says Liza has to be with one guy or another? After moving to the city and getting a job after her divorce, Josh was the first guy Liza met. Maybe it’s time for her to play the field and see what else is out there. Having options definitely isn’t a bad thing.

7. She could move on with Charles

Let’s face it, if Josh dumps Liza, a portion of fans will want her to get with Charles. Obviously, there is a love triangle happening with Josh/Liza/Charles. For quite some time now, Charles and Liza have had amazing chemistry, so these two just might make their professional relationship a bit more personal.

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TV Land.

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