10 things Broad City gets right about millenials’ real-life struggles

For millennials who struggle to identify with Hannah Horvath’s economic privilege, creative successes and turbulent friendships on Girls, Broad City is a welcome alternative. When seen through the eyes of comedians Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Brooklyn and the lives of its young inhabitants are as honest as they are hilarious. In honor of the show’s third season, which premiered last night on Comedy Central, here are some of the most valuable lessons and truest situations depicted by Jacobson and Glazer.

1. Commuting around the city

Whether you need to take multiple subway lines and travel between boroughs in order to make it to your date’s apartment, or whether you just have different opinions about the superiority of Grand Central versus Penn Station, Broad City understands that transit tension is enough to cause a breakup.

2. Improv

Another thing that can lead to the death of a budding romance? Going to your new beau’s improv show and realizing that his sense of humor is mediocre, sexist and wildly unfunny. And if you’re not sure how such an evening will turn out, bring your bestie to help you get through the ordeal.

3. Street harassment

Street harassment is a daily reality for most women, and sometimes being told to “smile” by a stranger feels like a slap in the face. But at least we can find solace in the wisdom of Abbi and Ilana, who taught us that the best way to respond to such remarks is with a mixture of disgust and snark.

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4. Surviving the holidays

Living away from family can make the holidays feel isolating and torturous. But, on the upside, it allows the freedom to bend rules and break traditions as needed in order to get through the day. Broad City‘s Yom Kippur digital short proves that surviving holidays with your friends allows for the best of both worlds.

5. Tax season

No one likes tax season, but it can be especially hard when you’re young and underemployed. Still, as hard as it may be, it’s best to present your accountant with organized paperwork. And don’t expect a huge refund, even with write-offs. And — though the temptation is understandable — definitely do not show up to the accountant’s office while stoned.

6. The positives of sexual experimentation

When done right, sexual experimentation can be one of the best ways to broaden one’s horizons. When Abbi decided to peg her date last season, she took control of her sexual agency, offered her guy some exciting pleasure and made Ilana feel a perfect combination of pride and jealousy.

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7. The negatives of sexual experimentation

But not all sexual experimentation works out that way. Take Ilana’s night of sex with a special lady friend, which takes a dark turn once Ilana gets distracted by how similar she and her partner look. Even worse? When Ilana discovers that fact is a turn-on for her date.

8. Theater hopping

When you’re broke, you have to save money in any way you can, even if it involves cheating the system a little bit. So when the guy working the box office at your local multiplex is slacking on the job, it’s OK to seize the day and indulge in a little theater-hopping.

9. Succeeding as an artist

Making it as an artist, especially in New York, is an uphill battle. You have to keep trying and accept the fact that your art might not make you a lot of money, at least at first. You might also have to come to terms with the fact that neighborhood sandwich shops may be more open to hosting your work than legitimate art galleries.

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10. Double dating

As tempting as it is, double dating can lead to disaster. If you’re committed to the idea, it’s best for both couples not to end up back at the same apartment — but if that’s unavoidable, at least make sure that your dates aren’t roommates with identical seduction plans.

What are your favorite Broad City moments? Are you tuning in for Season 3?