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The Walking Dead‘s Richonne will finally make sweet love in the apocalypse


That’s right, Richonne shippers — it would appear the moment we’ve all been waiting for may finally be happening. According to rumors posted to a celebrity gossip site, The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Michonne are about to get it on. 

Let me preface the following by reiterating that what I am about to share with you will allegedly take place on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. As the spoilers were submitted via a sourceless site — although they appear to be attributed to The Spoiling Dead Fans — take them with a grain of salt.

But, still.

If you’ve been shipping Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) as hard as I have since their paths first crossed, the very prospect of this romantic reckoning — sexoning? — will undoubtedly be exciting news.

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So, one more time for the cheap seats, the following information contains rumors that could very well actually be spoilers. If you like surprises slash hate spoilers, move along, my friend.

This week’s episode reportedly revolves around Rick and Daryl, who are on a supply run. This much we actually can verify, based on snippets of the teaser trailer for the episode as well as a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that alludes to Rick and Daryl’s reunion.

The subplot of the episode allegedly involves Michonne, Spencer and the slaying of a walker with significance to the survivors. We’ll leave said walker’s identity a mystery for now and focus on the juiciest spoiler of all: the Richonne ship.

“By the end of the episode, Rick and Michonne have sex, just like that,” says the source. “They hold hands, make out and then have sex.”

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Finally, you guys. Finally! Richonne shippers get the validation we so rightly deserve. Plus, you know, we get to see two of our favorite characters become TV’s most badass couple.

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If the spoilers are true, this is the first time Rick and Michonne have acted on any kind of romantic or sexual inclination. And although we don’t actually see them in, ahem, action, it is heavily implied when Jesus — a character, not the deity — walks in on Rick and Michonne in bed together.

“He gives some mints to Michonne and they hold hands. This leads to them making out on the couch. They both seem surprised, so it appears to be the first time they have hooked up. The scene cuts before they take their clothes off. The scene then cuts to Rick and Michonne both in bed, sleeping all naked when Jesus creeps in their bedroom,” alleges the source.

This coupling will apparently happen in a way that feels both classy and very natural, which sounds promising. Bonus? We “may get a tiny little butt shot” when they scramble to get dressed.

So could this really be happening? Will Richonne be the hot new TWD ship on the block? While some may see it as a hasty transition since Rick’s latest love interest, Jessie, just died last week, that might actually make it more likely. Traumatic events can lead to intensity of action and emotion.

If you follow the comic series, you know that Rick and Michonne have a very close relationship, but not that kind of relationship. However, the AMC series has strayed from ship storylines in the comic series before. Fingers crossed this is one of those times.

Are you ready for Richonne? Sound off in the comments.

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