5 things Lydia McLaughlin's been up to since RHOC

Feb 18, 2016 at 6:19 p.m. ET
Image: Bravo

Lydia McLaughlin is returning to The Real Housewives of Orange County. Here's what she's been up to since her departure from the show. 

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Image: Bravo

You might remember Lydia McLaughlin as the member of the RHOC Season 8 cast who was slightly wackier than the rest. Lydia, then a mother of two, was a friend of former RHOC castmate Alexis Bellino. She's heading back to the show next season, and her return might be a nice change after the absolute insanity of Season 10, but she hasn't exactly been on the couch watching Netflix since the cameras stopped shooting. (There's probably been a little Netflix, though, I hope.) Here's what she's been doing.

1. Birthing

When we last left Lydia, she had two boys, Stirling and Maverick, with her husband, Doug, and the couple was contemplating expanding their family. In November, the McLaughlins welcomed their third child, a boy named Roman.

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2. Expanding her empire

Lydia works as the managing editor of Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, in addition to having her own jewelry line and publishing a book. She's also launched a lifestyle blog (I believe this is what's known as creating a brand), OC Lydia, where she posts about fashion, travel and family. And yes, you can go there to buy her jewelry.

3. Dressing up her kids

Lydia's Instagram is full of pictures of her ridiculously photogenic brood, and that includes her three boys wearing outfits featuring a Nirvana T-shirt and feathered headpiece, light sabers and a turkey suit.


It's not just Lydia's kids who get costumed, though. If you keep going through her Instagram, you'll find a priceless picture of Doug dressed as a shark.

4. Traveling

Since the end of her stint on RHOC, Lydia and her family have been jet-setting — fabulously, of course. They've been to San Diego, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Hawaii, Mexico and Italy. Lydia's documented her travels on her blog, along with some really beautiful photos of food, her kids and Doug (not in his shark costume).

5. Finding bargains and not being afraid to tell you about them

The RHOC ladies are not known for their frugal shopping habits, but Lydia apparently is, and she's not afraid to share her finds on OC Lydia. Has any Housewife ever worn a $20 skirt? Do they even own a $20 skirt? And if they did, would they tell you? It's kind of great that Lydia's not above admitting she shops at Forever 21 and the Gap, although she probably spends more there than you do.

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