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7 reasons Jon Cryer was the best character in Pretty in Pink

His name was Duckie (played by Jon Cryer), and he was the oddball, the guy who didn’t have a lot of friends because he was different from everyone else. What he did have was his best friend and unrequited love, Andie Walsh. He also had the confidence to be who he was without caring about the social mores that come along with being a senior in high school — the guy rocked an Elvis pompadour.

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1. He was witty


Duckie loved Andie, but he knew she didn’t share his feelings, so he just cracked jokes about his love for her right in front of her face.

2. He had good hair


As mentioned, Duckie rocked the Elvis pompadour without a care in the world. I bet Jon Cryer wishes he still had that hair.

3. He had amazing fashion sense


He always wore colorful concoctions, including a blazer, vest, bolo tie and worn-out pair of white punk-rock loafers.

4. The boy could dance


Duckie had moves, as he displayed in his signature record-store dance to Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness.” He also gave a lip-synching performance worthy of Lip Sync Battle.

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5. He was the quintessential best friend


Open and honest, he gave Andie truthful advice on both fashion and relationships.

6. He was an amazing kisser


When Duckie locks lips with Andie’s older boss, Iona, he not only makes her weak in the knees, he gives her “flaming thighs” as well. Not bad for a quirky guy in high school.

7. His future was bright


You know Duckie was successful after high school — he was confident, creative and smart. He probably invented the Internet.

In a movie filled with a cast of characters that includes rich kids, kids from the “wrong side of the tracks” and kids who fell somewhere in the middle, Duckie stood out. He stood out for his fashion sense, his honesty and his ability to create flaming thighs with just one kiss.

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