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Amy Schumer applauded for Taylor Swift apology without excuses (PHOTOS)

A good apology is almost impossible to get from anyone and it’s basically impossible to get from celebrities. So when Amy Schumer apologized to Taylor Swift for her poorly executed thigh gap joke, I was stunned. And also oddly proud of her.

The comedian posted a selfie to Instagram that showed her with extremely choppy short hair and a fake beard as her apology to Swift and everyone she may have offended. Her caption read, “That’s not a beard this is a beard. So sorry to anyone with a beard this may offend. I am a comic and should never make fun of myself at the expense of anyone else that I wasn’t making fun of in the first place.”

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Yesterday during the Grammys, Schumer posted an Instagram with the caption, “Taylor that’s not a thigh gap. This is a thigh gap.” The comedian intended to poke fun at herself, but got huge backlash online from people calling her out for her body-shaming. And this time, the Internet commenters were right. And Schumer knew it.

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She wasn’t going to be completely serious with her apology, but I think in this instance she found the perfect mix of silly and sincere. She didn’t fall back on the standard comic excuse of “I’m a comedian. Making fun of people is what I do,” which is a total cop out, by the way. And she also didn’t hide behind a lame excuse. She came right out and said making fun of Taylor in order to make fun of herself wasn’t the way she should have said that joke.

And the Internet applauded Schumer for the way she instantly and perfectly handled the situation.

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I don’t think it should go unnoticed that this is the second time strong, talented women have gotten in a tiff with Swift (remember the Nicki Minaj Twitter exchange?) and everyone handled it with dignity and support for each other. Maybe there is something to Swift’s #Squad.

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