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How to Get Away with Murder theory: Annalise’s baby was never born


The mysteries continue to build on How to Get Away With Murder, and this time, the questions have nothing to do with the Hapstall case. Thursday’s episode “What Happened To You, Annalise?” dropped a huge bomb about tough-as-nails lawyer Annalise’s past: Annalise was pregnant. 

As revealed via flashback, Annalise knew Wes’ now-dead mother, but maybe not because Annalise is Wes’ biological mom, as some fans originally suspected. The flashback is only from 10 years ago, and it shows Annalise holding her pregnant belly while she watches Wes alongside his mother. Of course, as fans know, Annalise doesn’t seem to have a child — in fact, she told Wes in Season 1 that her and Sam tried to conceive but failed. Could that mean that Annalise’s pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and that her visions have to do with her loss of a child?

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It’s a definite possibility, but not the only one likely. Here are a few other theories that would explain the jaw-dropping flashback.

Annalise gave her baby up for adoption

Bonnie hints that Annalise’s “visions” have happened before, and if Annalise was prone to them around the time of her pregnancy, it may have made motherhood too challenging. If Annalise was suffering from mental health issues, she may have chosen to give her baby up, knowing that someone else would take care of him. It would explain the vision of the woman (then identified as Wes’ mom) giving Annalise her baby and Annalise feeling unable to handle it.

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Annalise’s baby was taken from her

Maybe Annalise didn’t want to give her baby up for adoption, but was forced to due to erratic — or perhaps even illegal — behavior. We know that Annalise likes to bend the law to her liking, but perhaps in doing so she got in legitimate trouble and was sent to prison for a certain amount of time. If that’s the case, she may have been forced to put her child into foster care.

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Annalise’s baby never existed

OK, so this theory is a bit of a stretch, but we know that Annalise is a notoriously manipulative person. What if Annalise was only pretending to be pregnant in order to get close to Wes’ mother? It certainly seemed like she had an eye on Wes’ mom when she went to the playground and perhaps that’s because she wanted information out of her. Annalise’s connection to Wes’ mom might not simply be personal: Maybe Annalise was involved in a law case where his mother was a key suspect.

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Annalise’s child died

Maybe Annalise did raise a child, but tragically, her child died when he (or she) was still young. If that’s the case, Annalise taking care of Wes might be one way for her to feel like she’s taking care of the kid who was taken from her too soon. It might also explain why Annalise has such thick skin: She’s had to overcome more than one tragedy in her lifetime.

Do you think that Annalise really had a child, or is something else going on here? Sound off in the comments!

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