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Kanye West issues a semi-apology for his controversial Twitter rants

A somewhat humbled Kanye West admits that his ego has gotten the better of him after reports the Kardashians have had enough of his social media faux pas.

In the last week alone, West has tweeted that his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner should turn down a very lucrative deal with Puma, raising the ire of his mother-in-law Kris, who brokered the deal in the first place; said he is $53 million in debt and begged Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to fund his business ventures; then backtracked on the debt comments and said he has enough money to keep his family in mansions and furs. Before that, he slammed ex Amber Rose and her child during a beef with Wiz Khalifa.

Add this in with his lyrics about making Taylor Swift famous with his notorious MTV VMAs stunt, and West has had himself a very busy news cycle of late.

Kris is said to be furious that West tried to inject himself into Kylie’s business decisions, and even his own wife Kim Kardashian is reportedly fed up with his self-promotion. Thankfully, West seems to be getting the message.

In a new Twitter monologue, West gets about as humble as he is capable of and sort of apologizes for his own “ego.”
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West did not go into detail about which rant he was wrong about or get more specific in his semi-apology. However, a friend says this is just par for the course for West’s personality and that it’s just part of his charm.

“Kanye is an extraordinarily creative person and he is a self-professed extraordinarily cocky person, and the behavior that he exhibits publicly is totally consistent with his persona,” an insider explained to People. “He’s also extremely funny, fun and daring — he’s a risk taker and a lot of what he brings to the table in terms of performance, he brings his Twitter into that, he brings his entire life into that.

“He isn’t afraid to be himself at all times and he really values that part of himself, even when being honest is uncomfortable, even when it ruffles feathers, provokes, ticks people off,” explains the pal. “He often says that he was raised this way by his parents who were both activists and thinkers, educators. They instilled in him this belief that it was necessary to be himself at all costs.”

And it’s not like his publicity stunts haven’t served him well. “A lot of what he’s been able to accomplish has been by stirring up shit, drawing attention, shining a light on something or getting people interested,” the source pointed out.

If it’s true that all press is good press, then mission accomplished!

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