Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval's latest legal drama could hurt his bank account

Feb 17, 2016 at 3:27 p.m. ET
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Vanderpump Rules is a lucrative business, and Tom Sandoval is reportedly cashing in from being on the show. But it's his newfound wealth that has landed him in hot water with his talent agent.

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No one could have predicted what a success Bravo's Vanderpump Rules would become. According to TMZ, Sandoval recently got a nice increase in his salary, but he tried to cut his agent out of it, resulting in legal action.

The owner of Sovereign Talent Group, Peter Young, reportedly helped Sandoval secure a five-year contract with the show, but when the first two seasons aired, Sandoval was not making big money and reportedly only took home $38,000. As his agent, Young was supposed to take 10 percent of the earnings, but according to his legal documents, he claims to only have received $1,300.

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Then, before Season 3, Sandoval's luck changed and so did his bank balance, as his deal with the show was renegotiated. This is when Young heard Sandoval would be making $15,000 per episode, although he claims not to know the exact amount.

Sandoval reportedly excluded Young from the renegotiation, and according to the legal documents, told him, "I just don't want to pay you anymore." But because Young secured the first deal for Sandoval, he believes that he still deserves his 10 percent, and he went to the state labor commission to query this.

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Turns out the state labor commission agreed, and Sandoval was ordered to pay up. TMZ reports that he is appealing the decision.

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