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14 things Pretty Little Liars gets wrong about your early 20s


Pretty Little Liars definitely knows a thing or two about creating creepy murder mysteries, but they aren’t the experts on being in your early 20s.

Here are the ways the show misses the mark on life for women in their early 20s.

1. You’ll probably still have no idea what you want to do, and you won’t need to sell your eggs to figure it out

Work in a restaurant if you need to. Travel. Explore the world. Spend some money irresponsibly. Those are rational early 20-something actions. What isn’t rational is going to extremes just because you think they’ll make you feel better about life.

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2. There is no easy way to a happy career

You won’t get to skip a few years of school like Ali must have in order to become a teacher so quickly. You will have to work hard and maybe switch majors a few times while trying a couple internships and maybe a few part-time jobs before finding your true passion.

3. You probably won’t be married, engaged and settled in life…

Ali’s domestic life leaves much to be desired. But that’s a good thing. Your early 20s are all about exploration and uncertainty. Embrace it.

4. … and if you are, the guy you’re with won’t be out of the loop

Hanna and Jordan’s lack of communication is sad. I know this is because the show is trying to tease a Haleb reunion, but why wouldn’t she tell her fiancé that his life could be in danger?!

5. Your high school hangouts won’t be the same as they were in high school

Sure you might stay friends with your high school friends if you’re lucky. But things change, especially if you went to different colleges. You meet new people. More importantly, you meet yourself. That changes friendship dynamics big time.

6. You won’t regret breaking up with that guy

Odds are that guy you dated when you were a young, dumb teenager won’t be your Prince Charming. And you won’t realize in your early 20s that you might have made a mistake by moving on. You’ll thank your lucky stars you did.

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7. Tech geniuses at 22/23 are phenomenons, definitely not the norm

Lucas’ story line had me raising a high eyebrow. Multiple houses, fancy cars, living the high life a year out of college? Even Mark Zuckerberg would be impressed.

8. You won’t be so sophisticated

Thank goodness! Go to Coachella, Burning Man, foreign countries and everything in between rocking a flower crown and some party nails.

9. There’s nothing wrong with living with your parents

Of course, this one won’t work forever, but be grateful you have a home that embraces you and allows you to explore who you want to become in a safe setting.

10. Your body will change

Not necessarily in a bad way. But your body will definitely change. And more than just with haircuts and wardrobe upgrades. Actually, the older I get, the more I’m learning to love myself. I discovered a fitness routine that works for me and am cooking for myself. My body loves me for it and I’m becoming happier in my own skin.

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11. It’s confusing without murders added into the mix

Having recently graduated from the early 20s phase of life, let me just tell you, you won’t need a close friend’s scary murder or some creepy texts (poo poo poo) to make you feel uncertain and confused. It’s totally normal to be unsettled. Embrace it. (PS. I don’t think that feeling ever goes away. It’s just more startling because it’s the start of it.)

12. You’ll make plenty of mistakes

There’s a reason Lena Dunham‘s show Girls was such a hit. It accurately depicts how awkward your early 20s are and just how many things you’ll do that you’d rather not remember. But remember those moments and learn to laugh at them. And just plain learn.

13. You’ll learn from your mistakes, at least a little

In other words, you won’t let a psychopath walk all over you twice. You’ll realize that you have friends and family around to support you who won’t let some crazy person take over your life.

14. Complicated doesn’t equal love

A friend of mine who recently got married said it best when she explained that she knew her now-husband was the one because things just fell into place. Being around him was easy. Not to say everything is always going to be rainbows and butterflies. But your life mate is the person you go to when you are stressed out, not the person who stresses you out. Ezria has a long way to go.

What points about your early 20s would you add to our list?

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