Dance Moms finally gives the girls a good role model

Feb 17, 2016 at 12:21 a.m. ET
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Not very many people approve of Abby Lee Miller's teaching style, but she insists that her tough love is exactly what her students need. But is that really the case? Tonight, Dance Moms demonstrated a much different teaching style that really seemed to benefit the girls.

Miller is a master choreographer and, perhaps, some children respond to her strict teaching style. But for many others, the constant yelling is damaging. Many critics have argued that Miller's negativity is completely unnecessary and that her dancers would actually perform better without all of the put-downs. This was evident during tonight's episode, when Miller once again abandoned her dancers and forced them to seek out a healthier environment.

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After tiring of Miller's shenanigans, the moms decided to send their kids to Debbie Allen's famed studio. Although Allen didn't exactly take over for Miller, she did give the dancers use of her studio space. She also stopped in to check out the new dances and to offer some helpful feedback.

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As Allen was chatting with the girls, it was impossible to avoid comparing her with her ALDC counterpart. Miller would have yelled at the dancers (particularly Brynn Rumfallo, who showed little emotion), but Allen engaged with them in a way that truly made a difference. Allen's positive attitude was evident not only in how she treated the dancers, but also in the way she spoke of Miller. Instead of trashing her fellow dance teacher, Allen commended her for developing such a fine group of dancers. It's nice to finally see a dance teacher take the high road on Dance Moms!

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Viewers were thrilled to see the dancers finally exposed to a teacher willing to build them up. While discussing the latest episode on Twitter, several viewers spoke highly of Allen's teaching style. Others advised the girls and their mothers to ditch Miller for good and, instead, pursue a better dance education with Allen or somebody with a similar teaching style.


In all this talk of the ALDC dancers thriving without Miller, it would be unfair to not mention talented instructor Gia Martello. In the midst of Miller's legal drama, Martello has stepped up again and again. A few weeks ago, she was commended on Twitter for her determination not to use the pyramid in Miller's absence. This week, although Allen briefly stepped in, Martello was largely responsible for the dancers' success. Like Allen, she offers a great example of how a calmer teaching style can produce excellent results.

What do you think of Debbie Allen's teaching style? Should the Dance Moms girls ditch the ALDC and find a better teacher? Comment and share your opinion below.

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