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5 signs Kathryn Edwards is RHOBH‘s new villain

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a new villain and she certainly knows how to stir up drama! Fans are not happy about Kathryn Edwards for the following reasons.

1. She flaunts her wealth even more than a typical Housewife

The Beverly Hills ladies have a penchant for showing off, but Edwards takes this to a new level. During a previous episode, she annoyed viewers by boasting about how frequently she travels and how lavish a lifestyle she leads.

Erika Jayne
Image: Bravo

2. She’s a little touchy about language

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers think that Edwards is a little bit too sensitive. Earlier in the season, she took major issue with Erika Jayne’s use of a curse word. No, Jayne’s choice of language was not particularly classy, but Edwards didn’t attract any new fans when she called out her fellow RHOBH star.

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3. She made last week’s argument about Kim Richards all about her

Last week, Edwards unintentionally started some major drama while having the ladies over for lunch. Lisa Rinna was arguably the biggest culprit in this spat, but Edwards’ involvement was also problematic. Although she made an effort to defend Kim Richards, Edwards also shifted the focus to herself, instead of comforting the clearly distraught Kyle. The other ladies took issue with Edwards trying to discuss a past problem with which she had no prior involvement, although they did express sympathy after she shared a sad story about her father’s suicide. It’s terrible that Edwards had to deal with this as a teen, but she should have known better than to bring up such a sensitive topic.

Kathryn Edwards
Image: Bravo

4. She trashed Eileen Richardson’s purse

Edwards often comes across as superficial. This was especially evident when she made fun of Eileen Richardson’s purse, which really wasn’t all that terrible. She then insulted the purse again on her Bravo blog. Talk about petty!

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5. She very quickly lost Erika Jayne’s trust

Prior to this week, Edwards was on a fast track to becoming one of this season’s main villains. Tonight, she sped up the process by having a private conversation with Erika Jayne and then promptly blabbing to the others. To be fair, there is really no such thing as a private conversation when you’re filming a reality show, but Edwards still should have kept her mouth shut. However, Jayne is by no means blameless, as she clearly threw shade at Lisa Vanderpump.

During tonight’s episode, viewers had only bad things to say about Edwards. Although many of these viewers took issue with the way Jayne trashed Vanderpump, they still defended her following Edwards’ betrayal.

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Kathryn Edwards is quickly becoming a major villain on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and it looks like she’s only getting started. Get ready to see more drama from Edwards as the season continues.

What do you think of Kathryn Edwards? Comment and share your opinion below.

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