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5 craziest moments on RHOP so far


There have only been five episodes of the Real Housewives of Potomac so far, but the show is well on its way to earning its place in the Housewives’ Drama Hall of Fame. 

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On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, a number of things happened that might make one think that the show is amping up to some serious confrontation — Karen refused Katie’s invitation to be on the host committee for a Rost Foundation event, Ashley and Katie did some more gossiping, Giselle got annoyed by everyone, and the ladies drank heavily on a yacht (everyone knows nothing good ever happens at sea.) What else could happen? The season is so young, and so many bananas things have happened already — here’s a brief look at some of them.

1.The Time Michael Almost Took His Pants Off in Front of Everyone

On Sunday’s new episode, Karen decided she’d throw a party on a yacht so she could show Ashley how to entertain correctly. (She and the other ladies are still so mad about the lack of open bar at her birthday party.) Of course, when one takes to the sea, removing one’s pants is on the list of things to do. At least, it is if you’re Ashley’s husband, Michael, who fully tried to take off his pants and jump in the water. The ladies intervened and stopped the madness, but more than a little part of me wishes they hadn’t.

2. The Time Katie and Andrew Took Their Make-Out Tour on the Road

Katie wants to marry Andrew. Andrew doesn’t seem like he wants to marry Katie, but this did not stop them from engaging in one long PDA throughout Ashley’s birthday party. I guess you might need an open bar after witnessing that.

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3. The Time Ashley Admitted to Googling Everyone

Everyone Googles. But you don’t tell people that you Google them, and you definitely don’t tell people what you found out about them. Apparently, Ashley feels differently and had no problem admitting what she’d been up to online to Katie, who passed it on to the other women, because of course. The odds that the ladies are ever really going to let that go? About the same as anyone ever forgetting the aforementioned pants incident.

4. The Crab Boil Incident

There are just so many layers to this, it can hardly be counted as just one moment. Charisse had a crab boil. Crabs were boiled, but not by a chef? At her crab boil, Charisse spent a lot of time not in the same room as her guests, complaining about Gizelle and her friend Kal (who were downstairs preparing the crabs because there was no chef) and raging about a comment Kal made about Charisse’s hair. Gizelle and Kal were ejected from Charisse’s house, but there was a really awkward follow-up conversation in which Gizelle tried to apologize and was rebuffed and reprimanded by Karen.

5. The Time with the Birthday Seat

At Karen’s birthday party, Gizelle sat in the wrong seat. This did not go over well with Karen, who thought it should have been obvious to Gizelle that you don’t sit at the center of the table, and decided to gift her with a framed list of 5 Rules of Etiquette. (Moment 5b: Gizelle uses Karen’s “gift” to fix her bangs.) 

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What goes on your list of crazy RHOP moments? Tell us in the comments!

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