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Top Chef elimination dubbed #wafflegate by angry fans


On Thursday’s Top Chef, a totally avoidable error sent a favorite cheftestant home.

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Over the years on Top Chef, we’ve seen some pretty intense culinary disasters, including savory ice cream (including pork), chocolate and liver (on the same plate, intended for eating), and sad, limp broccoli rabe. The chefs who committed such crimes weren’t always eliminated, but their dishes and their antics were definitely made examples of. There are just certain things you can’t get away with on this show, and as we learned on the latest episode, frozen waffles is one of them.

On Thursday, the remaining cheftestants were charged with creating a concept for a fast-casual restaurant. To assist them in their work, they were paired with sous chefs, who just happened to be the eliminated cheftestants. Phillip was among them, to the horror of Twitter, and he was assigned by Quick-Fire winner Marjorie to work with Kwame. The two didn’t so much talk to each other, but maybe if they did, it would have prevented Kwame from committing the cardinal sin of serving frozen waffles to the judges. As soon as they emerged from the freezer, fans flipped out.

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A few fans pointed out that in Season 2, Elia won a challenge despite having used frozen waffles, but the fact remains that if you’re going to use something pre-made in a competition like Top Chef, you have to be able to do it in a way that blows the heads off the judges. Kwame was sent packing to Last Chance Kitchen and his exit was graceful, eliciting emotion from even judge Tom Colicchio. His elimination on Thursday left many of his fans disappointed and frustrated.

Now what? With so few chefs remaining, fans have to reassess their predictions about who will win it all. Many were counting on Kwame to at least make it to the finale, and the truth is that he might make it back if he can conquer Last Chance Kitchen, but so could any of the cheftestants competing over there. Marjorie is determined to remain in the fight and make sure the finale isn’t a boys’ club, and Isaac and Amar aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Jeremy seems to be indestructible, despite being in the bottom (don’t make octopus tacos, dude) on Thursday, along with Carl. At this point, it’s still anyone’s game, as long as no one has a bad day or decides to use frozen anything.

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Did Kwame deserve to get eliminated? Who’s your pick to be Top Chef? Tell us in the comments!

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