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Why Mob Wives is painful to watch without Big Ang

Watching Mob Wives after Big Ang’s death is basically the worst. 

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During last week’s episode of Mob Wives, rumors that Big Ang had died were soaring around the Internet, and for a minute, they were just rumors, rebuffed by some of Twitter and then confirmed when E! finally tweeted about it. After we knew it was true, it made a once truly delightful experience — watching the ladies trash talk one another — far less enjoyable, to say the least.

Wednesday’s new episode promised more drama between Karen and Drita (Lee! Tell-all books! Brittany is an instigator! Karen thinks Drita is obsessed with her!). At another time, this would have been riveting to watch, but at this point, with Ang sick on the show and not alive anymore in real life, all of the excellently soapy elements have left the show. Ang visited the surgeon for a consultation, she cried, she told everyone how scared she was and then she went in for surgery. It was too much to see, especially knowing things would turn out the way they did. There was an awesome sequence at the end of the episode when the ladies went to an art class and painted a nude model, which exemplified everything lovable about Mob Wives. It’s worth watching even if you can’t bring yourself to see the rest of the episode. Everyone had a good time and there was the bawdy humor of yore, the kind of thing fans (OK, me) came to expect from the show.

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Fans couldn’t stop tweeting about the weird sadness that is watching the show now that Ang is gone. In fact, the #MobWives tweets were almost all about Ang and very few were about what was actually happening in the episode.

It’s hard to know if VH1 would have canceled Mob Wives had Ang died in an earlier season, but that’s not where we are right now. It’s the last season of the show, so everything that’s done in terms of relationships between the women is done, except for what will happen at the reunion, which will most definitely be hard to watch. For now, though, fans have to make a decision as to whether or not they want to see this season, and the show, through to the bitter end. Right now, it’s a test of one’s fortitude, considering that Ang’s cancer has spread, the sit-down failed, and everyone seems intent on resenting one another and allowing themselves to be provoked by Brittany. Ang has been the emotional center of the show since she became a regular, and knowing that she’s not in the world anymore makes it really difficult to watch her being scared and sad, as well as smiling and Ang-ing all over the place. You don’t have to be heroes, Mob Wives fans. I bet Ang will understand if you have to stop watching the new episodes and return to the warm bosom of Seasons 2-5.

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Are you watching Mob Wives without Ang? How do you feel about it? Will you finish Season 6? Tell us in the comments!

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