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Mob Wives‘ Big Ang shares what made her diagnosis so devastating

Mob Wives‘ Big Ang is opening up even more about her heartbreaking health problems.

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Angela “Big Ang” Raiola appeared on The Dr. Oz Show Tuesday to give fans some more details about her confusing back-and-forth diagnosis — in truth, she was declared cancer-free twice, only to have the disease return in different parts of her body.

It’s shocking what happened,” she said. “First I thought I was cancer-free. I was gonna have a big celebration… and then a month later I was stage 4.”

Raiola was a lifelong smoker before her first diagnosis last April, when doctors found a lemon-sized tumor and surgically removed it. By October, she was told she was cured. Then, late last year, doctors found and removed another mass in her left lung.

“They say you’re cancer-free, you beat it twice, what [are] the odds?” she told Dr. Oz. “I’m like, oh God, I’m a lucky person.”

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Then, during a follow-up appointment in December, Raiola revealed that she had learned her cancer was back for a third time, this time in her right lung and her brain. According to doctors, she said, she only has a 30 percent chance of survival this time.

“I was completely devastated. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I feel like I went deaf,” she tearfully admitted during Tuesday’s interview. “I was like, ‘Oh, this is going too fast for me.’ Now I’m just hysterical.”

And Raiola also revealed that amid her treatment, she left her husband, Neil Murphy.

“I felt like he never stepped up to the plate, so I was done with it,” she explained. “Now, it’s too late. I would rather be by myself. I would rather be alone.”

Our hearts go out to Big Ang and her family during her difficult battle.

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