Recovery Road: 7 reasons to love Mischa Barton's awful character, Olivia

Feb 16, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. ET
Image: Freeform/Kelsey McNeal

If you haven't been watching Freeform's new drama Recovery Road, you absolutely should: The series is an honest, heartbreaking and often inspiring story of addiction and the ups and downs in the journey of staying sober. But just in case you need one more reason to watch, you now have one — and her name is Mischa Barton. 

As much as I have missed the former Marissa Cooper on the small screen, it's Barton's brand-new character that is reason enough to tune in. Barton has a guest arc on Recovery Road as Olivia O'Brien, a formerly hard-partying actress turned sober icon turned recently relapsed recovering addict.

When Olivia's "star-studded" rehab facility gets bed bugs, she is forced to stay at Springtime Meadows for a few nights. For Olivia, sobriety is about hot yoga, juice cleanses and auditioning for major movie franchises. Simply put, Olivia is awful — but just try not to love her anyway.

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Here's why you're going to love to hate Barton's new character on Recovery Road

1. She's delusional about her fame

Despite Rebecca scoffing that Olivia is "barely a C-lister," Olivia insists on rocking huge sunnies inside the sober house. Her delusions of grandeur are patently hilarious, but her sunglasses are très chic.

2. She carries her "meals" in a milk jug

Recovery Road takes place in Los Angeles, so it only makes sense that someone in the sobriety house is on a juice cleanse. Watching poor Vern suck down a grassy beverage to hang out with his "Millennial Grace Kelly" is the saddest thing, but you have to be impressed with Olivia's very flip attitude toward foods you can chew.

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3. She's the Millennial Grace Kelly

She didn't come up with the nickname, but you know Olivia totally thinks she's the Millennial Grace Kelly. Whatever that means.

4. She rattles off amazing philosophical one-liners

"We're so screwed up as a culture" is a line that could have first been uttered by Miss Cooper herself (always one for very deep thoughts), but the fact that Olivia is referring to the fact that people do crazy things like go to restaurants and exchange recipes makes the whole thing beautifully unbelievable. Spend enough time in a cold-pressed juice bar on the West Side and you'll hear this sentiment echoed.

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5. She wants to know if her boobs look weird in this shirt

And she feels no shame in sending a "911" text to make sure you haul ass upstairs to answer her question.

6. She's addicted to attention

There's a reason Olivia isn't taking her sobriety very seriously, and that's because her "DUI" never actually happened: She faked a relapse to sell tabloids. Still, that doesn't mean Olivia doesn't have a problem — she's totally co-dependent, addicted to attention and quite possibly the most delusional human being ever. You would never want to be BFFs with this woman, but watching her inability to understand how deeply in the wrong she is will make you feel much better about your own life choices.

7. She wants to take you to hot yoga

When Maddie goes through a serious temptation, the best Olivia can offer her is an invite to hot yoga. Mostly because, you know — Olivia really wants to go to hot yoga. But she'll settle for ballet class if that's more your speed.

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Do you love Mischa Barton's new role, or can you not wait for Springtime Meadows to give her the boot? Sound off in the comments!