The Biggest Loser Season 17 needs to keep Colby Wright

If there’s one way to get people to tune in for a reality competition’s season finale, it’s to purposefully withhold information about whether a fan favorite has made the cut. This tactic has several Biggest Loser viewers upset; they have no desire to wait a week to learn of Colby Wright’s fate!

Colby Wright has long been a fan favorite on The Biggest Loser, so, of course, viewers really want to see him in next week’s finale. After all, while his progress would be impressive with or without a spot in the final round, it’s never fun to be cut just before the end of the competition. During tonight’s episode, viewers seemed to think that Wright had a good shot at moving on to the next — and final — round, but now, they’re not so sure. Instead of ending with a list of finalists, this week’s episode featured a completely unnecessary cliffhanger involving Wright standing nervously on the scale.

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Regardless of whether he ends up in the finale, Wright has accomplished a lot and should be very proud of himself. He has overcome a great deal of adversity and made some very impressive life changes. For example, Bob Harper told him that he has managed to cut his total sugar intake down to the equivalent of a daily glass of wine. His dietary changes, combined with his intensive exercise regimen, have definitely paid off! Prior to this week’s final weigh-in (the results of which, unfortunately, will not be revealed until next week), Wright had managed to lose a whopping 101 pounds.

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Viewers are thrilled for Wright and impressed by the amount of weight he’s lost, but they would be even happier if they could just find out whether his hard work proved sufficient for a spot in the finale. Tonight on Twitter, several of these upset viewers made it quite clear that they did not approve of this week’s huge cliffhanger.

Next week is the finale, so The Biggest Loser really doesn’t need to rely on cliffhangers to get people to tune in. However, while the show has greatly annoyed numerous viewers with its pointless cliffhanger, the ploy will likely work — Colby Wright fans just can’t stand not knowing whether or not he’s made the finale.

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