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9 other eligible Bachelor men Becca Tilley could date


If anyone in The Bachelor franchise deserves to find love, it’s Becca Tilley, who just got her heart broken for the second time on the series.

Since she clearly believes in the concept of the show and is clearly ready to find her husband, we have some other Bachelor suitors, who are still bachelors, to suggest.

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Nick Viall
Image: ABC

1. Nick Viall from Season 10/11

Tilley is like the female version of Viall, who also went on two seasons of the show seeking love and was also rejected both times. Maybe they’re a match made in Bachelor paradise. (Um, Season 3?)

Chris Soules
Image: ABC

2. Chris Soules from Season 10

Sure, Soules broke Tilley’s heart once already. But he’s single now! It could work for them. Though Tilley seemed to like Ben Higgins a lot more than she liked Soules, maybe she just needs to give the farmer another chance.

J.J. Lane
Image: ABC

3. J.J. Lane from Season 11

Lane started as the villain in Season 11 and then stole our hearts on Bachelor in Paradise.

Brooks Forester
Image: ABC

4. Brooks Forester from Season 9

Forester walked away from Desiree Hartsock without any regrets, but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have dreams of finding his wife.

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Ben Zorn
Image: ABC

5. Ben Zorn from Season 11

How could we forget about Zorn from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season? He is such a handsome stud, yet also has a heart that could melt any woman.

The Bachelorette's Arie
Image: ABC

6. Arie Luyendyk Jr. from Season 8

Luyendyk’s race-car lifestyle might be a little too fast-paced for Tilley. Or it could be just the kind of excitement a girl like her is looking for.

Jared Haibon
Image: ABC

7. Jared Haibon from Season 11

Ashley Iaconetti is still really, really trying to make things happen with Haibon, as we saw in the Bachelor at 20 special last night. But she’s apparently not his type. Could he and Tilley be a better match?

Graham Bunn
Image: ABC

8. Graham Bunn from Season 4

Bunn has had a long career with Bachelor Nation. Not only did he first appear on The Bachelorette Season 4, but he also went on to compete on Bachelor Pad and appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Maybe he and Tilley could find a lasting connection with one another.

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Ryan Hoag
Image: ABC

9. Ryan Hoag from Season 4

Like Tilley, Hoag has decided to remain a virgin until marriage. Their shared beliefs could make them a match made in Bachelor heaven.

Of course, maybe it would be best if ABC just made Tilley the next Bachelorette. Then she could date them all!

Would you like to see Becca Tilley as Season 11’s Bachelorette?

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