Taylor Swift’s reaction to Grammy win rubs people the wrong way (VIDEO)

Sure, it’s natural to get a little giddy after winning a major award like a Grammy, but did Taylor Swift just take her celebration a little too far after finding out about her new win?

When the news came down that she was honored with Best Music Video for “Bad Blood,” Swift promptly tweeted out a behind-the-scenes video of her entourage — and herself — having a complete meltdown.

As previously mentioned, it’s all well and good to get a little excited when your life’s work is recognized, but the over-celebration in this particular video seems to be at least a little suspect.

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Some people on social media felt that Swift and pal Selena Gomez’s moment of being “not OK” was less than genuine.

Not only that, a lot of Facebook users had some serious qualms with “Bad Blood” winning the category.

“Really? Out of all her videos this year they give an award to bad blood? The song quite possibly be her worst, and the video is DEFINITELY the worst of hers every [sic],” wrote one Facebooker, while another agreed, “I love Taylor Swift but that music video was cheesy, awful. I would have never even nominated it for best music video.”

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“Dude that video was not good. Just a bunch of special effects and no story or anything. 5 minutes of introductions then it’s over,” echoed another.

Swift also had a “not OK” moment when her friend, Ed Sheeran, won Song of the Year for “Thinking Out Loud.”

What do you think? Were Swift’s Grammy celebrations genuine or all for show?

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Grammys 2016 acceptance speeches slideshow
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