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Vanderpump Rules‘ Jax Taylor just proved he’s jealous of Tom Sandoval


Stassi Schroeder somewhat making up with Scheana Marie wasn’t the only shocking moment on Monday’s Vanderpump Rules. The episode’s ending was one for the books (and one that I’ll be re-watching on a loop), thanks to Jax Taylor’s outburst. Surprise, surprise.

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While hanging out at Scheana and Shay’s apartment, Jax was acting strange (something even Tom Schwartz mentioned), which led to quite the conversation with Tom Sandoval and Schwartz. Sandoval attempted to comfort Schwartz, after he and his fiancée Katie Maloney argued over Schwartz inviting Stassi to their engagement party and Schwartz giving up the opportunity to work with Lisa Vanderpump’s sangria line, LVP Sangria.

All this talk transitioned into Jax telling Schwartz how wrong he was for inviting Stassi (actually, I agree with him there) and Jax finding major fault with Sandoval for really no reason whatsoever. First, Jax told Sandoval that he needs to stop acting like the “No. 1 guy in the group,” because that is Jax’s role. If that’s not enough, he also told Sandoval he is beyond sick of hearing about his band, Charles McMansion.

Actually, earlier in the episode, during Jax’s on-camera interview, he said that he doesn’t want to hear about Sandoval’s music anymore. Later on, he even expressed his disgust with Sandoval always acting like “Team Captain.”

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Jax Taylor
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It all seems pretty ridiculous, if I do say so myself. All Sandoval was trying to do was talk about what he had lined up career-wise. He’s proud of what he’s done with his music. I mean, is he going to be winning a Grammy anytime soon? Probably not, but Jax shouldn’t be finding fault with Sandoval’s accomplishments.

What seems to be going on here is that Jax is jealous of Sandoval. The way he acted at Scheana and Shay’s wasn’t just because he was drinking or that he’s mad at Sandoval. It appears that Jax is realizing he hasn’t done a whole lot with his life, unlike Sandoval who is at least trying to make something of his life.

At the age of 36, what does Jax have to show for himself? He continues to make mistake after mistake, like getting arrested for stealing sunglasses in Hawaii. Even in the promo for next Monday’s episode, Jax reflects on if he can even change at his age. Is it too late for him to do something with his life?

It’s definitely interesting to see Jax facing his future and realizing he can’t act like someone who is on spring break forever. Now, let’s see if Jax actually changes by the Season 4 finale.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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