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Zendaya’s Bowie-inspired Grammys look causes big controversy (PHOTO)

It wouldn’t be an awards show without everyone hating on Zendaya Coleman for some insane reason or another, and this year’s Grammy Awards hadn’t even started before the Internet trolls were giving her hell for her choice of hairstyle for the evening.

For this year’s Grammys, Coleman, the new face of CoverGirl, took to the red carpet in a fierce black tuxedo suit, but it was her hair, again, that had people freaking out.
This isn’t the first time Coleman has played with her locks for a red carpet appearance. In fact, she often wears wigs, extensions and any number of other hair accoutrements to augment her red carpet outfits. It was just June when she had the Internet freaking out over her bob wig. After the show, she took to social media to show her fans it was, in fact, a wig.

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Her mullet-esque look for this red carpet had people completely hating on her pretty hard. Even her fans were trying to veil their disgust in backhanded ways by throwing in “bless her heart”-style comments.

But those fans and haters missed one major thing: Coleman did it all as an amazing tribute to the late David Bowie.

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Some fans caught on to the Bowie tribute that most missed.
There was the occasional fan who totally dug Coleman’s fashion-forward and Bowie-tribute look and didn’t hold back in trying to come to Coleman’s defense.
Truth be told, Coleman killed her Bowie tribute. From head to toe, the look was on point, but something got lost along the way in getting the tribute message out to fans.

What did you think of Coleman’s hairstyle for this year’s Grammy Awards?

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