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Kanye West tweets confusing updates on his supposedly huge debt


Kanye West says he’s wildly wealthy despite begging Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion — so how can he claim he’s $53 million in debt?

Over the weekend, West claimed to be $53 million in debt and begged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion to fund his art — but now he says his bank account is flush. So what gives?

West started the confusion with one tweet Saturday night claiming to be in massive, massive debt.
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For the record, $53 million is less than the estimated individual net worth of his wife Kim Kardashian, listed at approximately $85 million.

The next day, West asked Zuckerberg to invest a hefty chunk of change into his ideas.
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Then West shared a chart, named after his mother and inspiration Donda, summarizing just a few of the areas he apparently has world-changing ideas for.
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West’s claims of poverty are especially confusing, considering he is actually worth an estimated $145 million.

So what gives? Is he rolling in the dough or ready for debtor’s prison? West attempted to clarify his claim further on Twitter today, but only succeeded in muddling the issue further.
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Well, at least he knows he’s contradictory and confusing.

Kardashian has not commented on West’s budget woes, but she did tweet a link to purchase his new album, so maybe she’s just doing her part.

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