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Why The Bachelor at 20 was totally worth watching on Valentine’s Day (PHOTOS)

As a single lady, spending my night watching The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love seemed like a complete downer to actually admit. But I have to say, the special was totally worth it.

The Bachelor celebrated 20 seasons of match-making tonight and only 10 actual weddings… but who’s counting?

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Definitely not me, since it was much more exciting to watch Kardashley and Farmer Chris try to hook up rather than focusing on those domestic types who have settled down and become boring. (Kidding… kind of.)

Ashley Iaconetti is still trying and failing to make things happen with Jared Haibon, while Chris Soules has left the farm and found his wild side as he seems open to making things happen with just about any one of the beautiful ladies of Bachelor Nation.

Plus, reliving all of the most scandalous, hilarious and, yes, dramatic moments in Bachelor history was surprisingly satisfying.

But more than making me feel better about my life, thanks to all the hilarious and not-so-flattering things that have happened on the show, the special was also insanely romantic — and full of hope that love is out there.

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I mean, there was an actual wedding for goodness sake. Jade Roper looked absolutely stunning in her dress.

And the two of them together was too adorable. Tanner Tolbert even cried during their vows — while Roper was so emotional she was shaking like a leaf!

And Chris Harrison is a master officiant at this point in his career.

The only downside to the special was that we didn’t actually find out who hooked up with who after the party. Did Soules find a new lady? Did Ashley I. and Jared ever manage to make it happen, despite her tears? And was current Bachelor, Ben Higgins, totally bummed that he had to go to the party stag because his season isn’t over just yet?

Let’s just assume the answer to all of these questions is “yes” because then it means there’s hope for all of us single people out there.

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Other highlights of the night:

  • Best quote: “Wait, so you want me to Mesnick all over your arm right now?” — courtesy of the random guy Jason Mesnick and Chris Harrison roped into fake crying on their fake balcony.
  • Best flashback: Vienna and Jake fighting like crazy during their After the Final Rose special. I also thinks it’s important to note that I didn’t see either of them at the special tonight. Where are they now?
  • All the Bachelor babies! Sean and Catherine Lowe are expecting. Erika Rose is expecting. Ashley Salter has a bun in the over! DeAnna Pappas is preggers! And so is Ali Fedotowsky!

What was your favorite moment from The Bachelor at 20?

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