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Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary may never find happiness thanks to Matthew

Downton Abbey really knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day: It looks like Lady Mary may never find love. Despite Mary and Henry finally admitting their attraction to one another and sharing their first kiss last week, things went downhill for the two during Sunday’s episode. At this point in time, it remains unclear if they will end up together. 

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Alongside her family and some of the Downton staff, Mary attended Henry’s car race. As fans expected, she was beyond nervous and worried for Henry’s life. Since her first love and husband, Matthew, died in a car accident, it makes complete sense why she isn’t 100 percent OK with Henry’s love of racing.

Unfortunately, Sunday’s race resulted in a fiery car wreck. Immediately, bad thoughts invaded Mary’s head and heart. She rushed to the scene of the accident to find that it wasn’t Henry who crashed but his good friend Charlie, who also died.

It was shocking and saddening for everyone in attendance, but especially for Henry, who lost a dear friend. The events also led to a distraught Mary rethinking her relationship with Henry. Can she really be with someone who risks his life day in and day out? Will she be able to cope every day knowing that Henry might die in a car accident? She already lost her first great love, so if it happened with Henry, can Mary deal with that all over again?

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Henry and Mary
Image: Tumblr

Mary’s already felt so much pain and loss (not just with Matthew, but also with her sister, Sybil), she’s not sure that she can handle anymore grief. Can you really blame her? As she told Henry, she doesn’t want him to give up his passion of car racing because she has issue with it. At this time, Mary’s not sure she can be with him. It appears the two are done for good, and not even Branson could convince Mary otherwise about Henry.

It’s clear that Mary is in love with Henry, but giving herself entirely to someone and living in fear, well, that’s a big life decision. So, is Matthew to blame for Mary possibly never finding love again? I don’t think “blame” is the right word, but it’s clear that Matthew will forever be a part of Mary — and rightfully so. Not to mention, his death and the car accident will always somewhat haunt her, which is to be expected. I’m sure many would feel the same as Mary and understand exactly where she’s coming from.

Obviously, Matthew and his unexpected death are influencing Mary greatly when it comes to settling down, especially regarding Henry. He is the first man she can really see a future with, but also one that scares her.

Even though it seems like Mary is moving on from Henry, I don’t think it’s truly over. They clearly care for each other too much to give up on one another. Plus, it’s the final season of Downton Abbey. Would the series really end without Mary finding some type of closure with Henry? That’s not to say they will marry, but I have a feeling this isn’t the last fans have seen of Mary and Henry.

Mary and Matthew
Image: Tumblr

Downton Abbey airs Sundays at 9/8c on PBS.

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