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Vampire Diaries theories about that new crazy vampire hunter

The Vampire Diaries‘ new vampire hunter, Rayna, has been revealed, and with her unveiling comes a whole host of questions.

Namely, what does she want, exactly? We know she’s got this whole vengeance kick. And even the heretics are scared of her, which means the girl is business.

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But why, three years down the line, is she so bent on killing Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the rest of the gang? And why does Matt decide to help her in the future? And why is Enzo currently helping her?

Before we even get into that, I feel the need to pause for a good solid paragraph or two to discuss how much this chick looks like Elena (Nina Dobrev). Really, it’s not a big deal other than the big, red Damon (Ian Somerhalder) sign flashing in my mind. If he hooks up with her I swear… And I’m definitely not the only one thinking it.

Of course, I wouldn’t put it past him since he’s all wrapped up in have-sex-and-kill mode right now. But, like I said last week, there is no way, absolutely no way, Elena’s body is gone for good. A commenter reminded me last week too that in one of the first flash-forwards this season, Damon wakes up next to Elena’s body and gets mad at Stefan for waking him before Elena was up. We can all rejoice, because her body must come back somehow, at some point.

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So could Rayna’s attempted vampire murder spree have something to do with the lengths Damon goes to to get Elena’s body back?

Of course, her story could be all about the heretics too. She seems to really want them dead. Perhaps our gang of heroes hides the heretics from Rayna’s wrath and that causes her to focus her vengeance on them.

Or maybe a vampire killed her loved one and now she just wants to see all vampires dead because, hey, if you’ve got a few hundred years to spare and hate vampires, why not?

Yeah, yeah, I’m hoping it’s deeper than that too.

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Also, I’m really hoping Rayna’s hunter storyline is somehow connected to the previous hunters we learned of in past seasons. Namely, the hunter group Jeremy is a part of. Because if Rayna is connected to Jeremy, then maybe Jeremy will be making a guest return to the show. Now that would be fun!

What do you think Rayna’s true purpose could be? Are you as weirded out as I am that she looks like Elena?

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