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RHONJ‘s Teresa Giudice thinks Donald Trump would be a great president

Teresa Giudice has made clear who she plans to vote for — but she forgot one very important detail about her rights, post-prison.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Giudice has thrown her support squarely behind one presidential candidate, and we can’t say we’re surprised.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Giudice told Andy Cohen that she wholeheartedly supports the candidacy of her former Celebrity Apprentice boss, Donald Trump.

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“Of course I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump,” she told Cohen. “I think he’s amazing. I think he’ll make a great President.”

But Giudice seems to have forgotten about one important detail: She is no longer eligible to vote.

According to New Jersey law, Giudice has at least temporarily lost her right to vote after being convicted of bankruptcy fraud charges and spending 11 months in prison — a felony. Due to the voting laws in her home state, she is ineligible to vote while incarcerated, on parole and on probation, meaning the absolute earliest she can rock the vote is the year 2018.

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That is two full years after the next Presidential election this fall.

So while Trump has been endorsed by an unusual mix of celebrities, including Ted Nugent, Tila Tequila and Sarah Palin, he will not be able to count on Giudice’s actual vote after all.

The endorsement does not go both ways. Trump did not vote for Giudice during her turn on Celebrity Apprentice, and in fact fired her on episode 12 of her season. That did not sway her opinion.

“I don’t think that Mr. Trump fired the right person, but I’m very proud I got this far,” she said at the time.

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