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Anchor attacked after ripping Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance to shreds (VIDEOS)

Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren isn’t backing down even in the face of thousands of comments from those who disagree with her stance against Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance.

In a rant that went viral, Lahren criticized Beyoncé’s performance for “ramrodding an aggressive agenda down our throats and using fame and entertainment to do so.”

Lahren is especially worked up about Beyoncé’s allusion to the Black Power movement in her costuming and choreography. “A salute to what?” she asks. “A salute to a group that used violence and intimidation to advance not racial equality but an overthrow of white domination? Beyoncé didn’t reference the Black Panthers to bring about some kind of positive change. She did it to get attention.”

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Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement — not to mention Beyoncé fans – had much to say about this rant. There are over 14,000 comments on the video post on Lahren’s Facebook page, from thought-out responses attempting to help Lahren understand the performance to fans agreeing with her rant. Abigail Lewandowski wrote in a comment, “I am so glad that you, a privileged white citizen have decided that the oppression of the Black community need not be talked about anymore. However, it is not just a ‘historical’ issue that we need to heal from. Oppression of the Black community is still prevalent today, less than in the past yes, but still happening. Why do you think the Black Lives Matter campaign was started in the first place? Not to say they are better than us, but to claim the equality they have been denied and still are not receiving in full.”

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Lahren didn’t take kindly to the attention, and she fired back with an equally strong video re-upping her stance. “To the Black Lives Matter folks, to the militant Beyhive, and to the folks who have nothing better to do than post nasty comments on my Instagram, let’s get something straight — you don’t scare me, you don’t intimidate me, you will not silence me, you’re bullies. My assessment of the Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was not racist in any way.”

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Commenters, of course, are posting just as heartily on the response video. Watch the video below.

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