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Why Scandal‘s Abby is so much better than Olivia this season

Don’t get me wrong; I love Scandal‘s Olivia Pope probably more than any character on TV ever. I aspire to be like Olivia, and Kerry Washington never fails to slay in the role. But right now, I am so done with the Olivia love triangle on repeat.

She is killing it when it comes to everyone around her. But Olivia’s personal life is terrible. And she’s such a hypocrite for it.

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Jake again? Really?!

And clearly Shonda Rhimes wanted us to know it was a mistake because Jake ended the episode by *spoiler alert* being the biggest manipulator in D.C. He’s clearly giving Rowan a run for his money in the evil mastermind category.

Then, to make this episode even more of a downer for Olivia, she gives in and calls Fitz?! Who doesn’t take her call. I. Just. Can’t.

(Though I did love her line about the president being alone and not lonely.)

Meanwhile, Abby is owning her career and not letting the president walk all over her. Her myriad strong woman monologues complete my life. Her monologue tonight was probably her best since her sexism rant to Leo.

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She storms in to his office and starts with a word the president doesn’t hear very often, “No,” before continuing, “I haven’t read the fourth revised national climate assessment. I haven’t read the third revised one either because I am not the head of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, sir. I am also not the secretary of energy or treasury or the director of the United States geological survey or a golfer for that matter.”

She continued, “My point is that I am the White House press secretary. And I love my job. And I work tirelessly at my job. And I would be happy to stay here, right here, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to do my job or to be of help in any way that was truly productive for you and this administration, but the job I’ve had around here recently is a different kind of job. And it seems to amount to no more than keeping you company. I’m not a companion animal. So respectfully, sir, no we’re not on for the gridiron dinner, and if there’s nothing else right now, since I’m already awake and here, I think I’ll go work in my office where there is plenty of work to be done. And where I am always available if you actually need me.”

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So thank you, Abby, for speaking to women everywhere while Olivia struggles.

As Cyrus said, “Good for you, Red!”

As for Olivia, seriously, just let Jake go. Just let him go. I’m all for seeing Olivia in the single lady life for a while. She doesn’t have to go back to Fitz. But either way, Jake has gotta go. They will never be back on that romantic beach together sipping wine and enjoying the sun. They will never be back in her apartment dancing around like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I’ve come to terms with it. Now it’s Olivia’s turn.

Were you as shocked as I was that Olivia and Jake were back together in tonight’s episode?

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