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Teresa Giudice reveals why she’s worried about Joe’s prison sentence (VIDEO)

Teresa Giudice isn’t looking forward to Joe’s turn in prison.

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Shortly after her own release after nearly a year behind bars, Giudice opened up to People magazine about her worries for her husband’s 41-month sentence, set to begin soon.

“I don’t know how men are all together in a group,” Giudice says. “I know how women are catty, and there’s a lot of drama. I heard [that] the men’s camp where we were, they weren’t like that. They weren’t all about the drama.”

In the video interview, Giudice also talks about her marriage, saying it’s as strong as ever and that all those cheating rumors that were going around while she was locked up were definitely untrue. On top of that, she said she doesn’t blame her husband for landing her in prison.

“He had no intention whatsoever to hurt me in any way,” she says. “I know in my heart that he would never do anything to hurt me.”

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Both Giudices pleaded guilty in 2014 to a series of charges related to fraud. They were allowed to serve their sentences at different times so one of them could remain home with their children. Teresa was released early just before Christmas, allowing some time between the end of her sentence and the beginning of Joe’s. Reports say they’ve been making the most of their short time as a family before Joe departs to spend nearly four years in prison.

That means this Valentine’s Day will be the last one they have together until 2020, unless Joe is released early, and Teresa revealed that she has simple plans to celebrate.

“I would love to take a Jacuzzi bath with my honey,” she says.

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Check out the full video below, and then head to the comments and tell us how you think Joe Giudice will handle his 41 months in prison.

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