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Jenelle Evans gears up for a major custody battle with her mom

Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans is ready to take her son back from her mom, even if it means a huge fight.

Evans’ mom Barbara has had custody of Jace for quite some time while Evans dealt with her relationship and substance abuse issues. But now Evans says she finally has her life together — thanks in no small part to her boyfriend David Eason — and she wants her son back.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

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In a new blog post, Evans said she moved back to North Carolina in a bid to prove to her mom that she is ready to be Jace’s mom again, but Barbara is not being as cooperative as Evans had hoped she would be.

“Moving back to North Carolina was also such a big deal to me because, of course, as everyone knows, I do not have custody of my first son, Jace,” Evans wrote. “I was going to wait for it and see how my mom felt about me moving back, hoping and praying I can have my son as well. It seems like things aren’t changing as of now. Within this past couple of weeks, I realized I’m going to fight a tough battle between my own mother and me because she will not let me have my son back. I think maybe she’s too attached to him, or maybe she doesn’t want to be alone. I never thought my mother would still put up such a battle with me, knowing I’m sober, knowing my dating life is perfect, and everything has been smooth sailing since I’ve moved back.

“Whatever the case may be, I think I’ve waited long enough,” she continued. “I’m hoping within these next couple of months that getting custody of Jace is going to be the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever made in my life, and I cannot wait until that day!”

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But getting Jace back might not be the only reunion Evans has in store. According to Radar Online, her estranged father Robert says he would be open to a reunion after having no contact with his daughter for 10 years — but he put the ball squarely in her court.

“Yeah I would probably like to get in contact with her,” he said. “If she wants to get ahold of me, my number is in the phone book. She can call me anytime she wants.”

One Twitter user had a theory about Jenelle’s mom that, if true, wrapped up both the situation with Jace and the situation with Robert perfectly.

Of course, Robert could have easily looked her up years ago, regardless of anything Barbara may have said or done.

The only response Evans has had to his comments so far has been to retweet the above comment, but she plans to elaborate on why her father left her family in her upcoming book.

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