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Shark Tank has parents up in arms with product dubbed dangerous

There are few things more relaxing than a day at the spa, but this is an opportunity typically only extended to adults. Kristi Ison aims to change all this with Float Baby, a spa designed especially for stressed little tykes under the age of 12 months. Shark Tank viewers are worried that this concept could be both impractical and dangerous. 

Nearly every week, there is at least one completely ridiculous product or service featured on Shark Tank. This time, the silly idea was Float Baby, which basically is a glorified bathtub in which babies sit in inflatable tubes. These tubes are actually placed around their necks; the goal of this is to give babies greater range of motion. Entrepreneur Kristi Ison believes that, just as adults are able to ease their stress when hanging out at the spa, the tiny visitors at Float Baby can also relax and enjoy all kinds of physical and mental benefits.

Float Baby
Image: ABC

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As expected, the Sharks were doubtful about the idea of a spa designed for babies. They didn’t think its potential for profitability was very good, especially as it costs parents well over $50 to hang out at the spa with their babies. The Sharks also worried about Ison’s alleged lack of hustle.

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The Sharks were not alone in their fears; viewers also expressed quite a bit of negativity upon learning of Ison’s spa. Many were less concerned about the poor profit margin and more fearful of the potential dangers associated with Float Baby. Several viewers took to Twitter to voice their concerns; these fears included everything from neglect to strangulation. A few of the most negative tweets of the evening are highlighted below:

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Float Baby may not be very practical, but it’s also likely not as dangerous as viewers think. Yes, the image of babies with rings around their neck is concerning, but some of the fears viewers have expressed are unfounded. A pediatrician told Today that a baby spa involving inflatable rings can actually be quite safe, as long as babies wear swim diapers. However, this pediatrician also feels that parents and their babies can enjoy many of the benefits associated with Float Baby for free each evening during bathtime. For the average family, Float Baby just isn’t necessary.

Kevin O'Leary
Image: ABC

Those who remain convinced of Float Baby’s dangerous nature will be relieved to learn that the Sharks decided not to back the business. Kristi Ison is not likely to be deterred however; just as other rejected entrepreneurs have muddled on without the Sharks’ help, Ison will surely continue on in her quest to rid the world’s babies of all stress.

Do you think Krisi Ison’s baby spa is dangerous? Or is it simply a ridiculous, but otherwise harmless concept? Comment and share your opinion below.

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