6 Reasons Duck Dynasty should go back to basics

Feb 11, 2016 at 10:20 a.m. ET
Image: A&E

Duck Dynasty's latest episode was the best one in a long time. Unlike a majority of the episodes lately, this one felt like they returned to the core of what the show was — a crazy Louisiana family who struck it rich making something they loved. No lives were saved, and no one's opinions were changed, but it was an endearing half-hour show that I enjoyed watching.

So, as a plea to the show's creators to make more episodes like the Feb. 10 episode, I've come up with six reasons Duck Dynasty needs to get back to basics.

1. Scripted isn't as funny

The funniest moments of the show happen when a member of the family uses a quirky saying or says something completely ridiculous. In this episode, Miss Kay explains that her recipe includes "chunks of butter and scoops of sweetness" because she doesn't need formal recipes. Anyone who is around family feels comfortable enough to say the kinds of things that just pop in their head. That's what the Robertsons used to do, and it was hilarious. Now that the show is so heavily scripted, we're losing those genuinely silly moments to unnatural setups that come across more awkward than funny.

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2. Uncle Si is his own character

Uncle Si is hands down the best part about Duck Dynasty. What makes him such an asset to the show is his unique, completely off-the-wall personality. I mean, he's using other people's T-shirts as handkerchiefs. There is no scriptwriter anywhere in the world that would come up with better lines for Si than the man himself. The best thing the producers can do for the show is to leave Si alone.

3. They have their own point of view

Whether you agree with them or not, the Robertson family all have morals and ethics that they live every day. Part of what appeals to audiences around the country is how they stand up for what they believe in. It seems strange to continue the tradition of ending every show with a prayer, while also watering down their character.

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4. The Robertsons are not actors and never were

Let’s just be honest. They're not good at convincing us they're not reading lines.

5. The simple Louisiana life is something not all of us get to see

Monroe, Louisiana, isn't a huge travel destination for everyone, so seeing what life is like for the Robertsons was interesting. When the show tried putting them in situations we've all seen before on other reality shows, it just didn't fit. If I wanted to see a relay race, I'd watch The Challenge on MTV. I watch Duck Dynasty to hear what bearded men talk about while making duck calls. Turns out, tonight they wanted to talk about tomatoes being a vegetable or a fruit. Who knew?

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6. We have enough scripted reality TV

I know there isn't a reality TV show left on the air that isn't scripted, so this point may not be valid, but I'm still going to make it. The show was great before it was all script and no personality. Give us back at least the illusion that reality TV can, in fact, be reality.

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