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Supernatural’s Sam must kill Amara, if he wants to save Dean

Supernatural really should just be named The Complicated Lives of Sam and Dean Winchester. When the brothers weren’t busy having an extremely bloody Valentine’s Day (save for Dean finding time to get a hickey) and playing rock-paper-scissors (and Dean finally winning after 11 seasons), Sam and Dean hunted a genie-like creature who could show you your deepest, darkest desire before killing you.

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Of course, because this is Supernatural, it focused in on Dean and presented him with the thing he desired most. Any guesses? It presented itself in the form of Amara. Who didn’t see that coming? For sometime now, it’s been known that Amara and Dean share some type of connection and desire for one another. Of course, Dean’s been trying to deny his feelings, but he finally copped to it in Wednesday’s episode.

Oh, and Dean also told Sam about his longing for Amara. That’s right, no more lying for the Winchesters (at least for now). Like the amazing baby brother he is, Sam listened to Dean and showed his support. He told Dean that he shouldn’t feel complicit, weak and evil because of whatever is happening with Amara. Sam also assured Dean that he doesn’t hate him or blame him for any of it.

If that isn’t enough (to make fans shed a tear), Sam told Dean not to beat himself up over it. Dean promised Sam that he’s not feeling desire or love for Amara, but he can’t explain what it is. That said, Dean recognizes that he might not be able to kill Amara when the time comes. “We need to kill The Darkness and I don’t think I can,” Dean told his brother.

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Amara and Dean
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Basically, Dean told Sam that he might be on his own when it’s finally time to get rid of The Darkness once and for all. To that, Sam said, “I got it, Dean.” Talk about having a lot on your shoulders and feeling pressure.

But, of course, Sam will do whatever it takes to not only destroy Amara, but to also save Dean. How or if he can do that remains to be seen, but don’t ever doubt a Winchester when it comes to saving family.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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