RHOP ladies make the worst vacation guests ever

Mar 7, 2016 at 12:25 a.m. ET
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Ashley invites the RHOP ladies to her vacation home and, suffice it to say, things do not go well. 

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It was meant to be a lovely gesture — Ashley inviting the rest of the RHOP crew to her house in Delaware. On Sunday's new episode, the women descended on the youngest member of the cast's summer home, and it all seemed innocent enough at first, with some glaring and foreboding exceptions: On the ride down to the beach, Karen told Ashley that she was, under no circumstances, allowed to hang out with her daughter; and in another car, Katie got into it about her personal life with the other passengers, include Charrisse and Gizelle. But all that was just the beginning.

For a group of women who are obsessed with manners, all of the concern about etiquette flew out the window when they learned that they'd not only have to sleep in twin beds in shared rooms, but that some of them would have to share bathrooms. (Can you even imagine subjecting human beings to these conditions? The nerve!)

While some of the ladies tolerated the situation, others, like Gizelle, threw what might be classified as a hissy fit and spent a lot of time looking up hotels on their phones. While everyone ended up staying the night — and miraculously survived — the whole thing was a mess that made Ashley feel thoroughly horrible.

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Ashley's made no secret of the fact that she has an agenda in making friends with the rest of the cast. She's definitely interested in social climbing, but not at the expense of trading in her personality. So far, we've seen her throw herself a cat-themed birthday party and invite the women to a whiskey-tasting party in a basement, which, for all intents and purposes, might have been a dungeon, as far as everyone else was concerned.

Inviting the women to her beach house was another generous gesture that failed, and it looks like Ashley's tolerance is starting to wear thin. While she, Katie and Robyn went surfing, Charrisse (who got super mad when her name was wrongly spelled on her place card, stating that she wasn't going to sleep there because the bed wasn't for her), Gizelle, and Karen lounged on the beach with champagne. In an interview, Ashley didn't hold back when she referred to them as "old."

According to the previews for next week's episode, the second half of the Delaware vacation doesn't seem to get much better. I'm just saying — if I was Ashley, I would probably never invite those folks anywhere again.

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What did you think of the ladies' behavior at Ashley's beach house? What would you have done if you were Ashley? Tell us in the comments!

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