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Farrah Abraham’s mom crosses a line in her daughter’s love life

On Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham’s ex returns, along with her mother’s uncanny ability to interfere. 

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Teen Mom
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For some unknown reason that I’m sure is very compelling, Farrah Abraham‘s ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran has returned to her, and by extension, our orbit. On the latest episode of Teen Mom, neither Saran nor Abraham seem to be horrified by the existence of each other anymore, which led to Sophia urging them to get married, and Abraham’s mom, Debra Danielsen, sitting Saran down for a not-so-friendly conversation.

In a nutshell, Danielsen doesn’t like Saran because he reminds her of Michael, her ex, with whom she’s thrown together a lot because of this show and the fact that they share a daughter and granddaughter. According to Danielsen, Saran’s personality type is basically the same as Michael’s, which means he’s automatically passive-aggressive and potentially violent. (Oh, hey, Simon. Welcome back.) 

Saran was surprised at Danielsen’s profiling, and not just because he doesn’t see himself as Michael 2.0, but because he’s heard about her own violent past. It’s hard to forget what happened between Abraham and Danielsen during 16 and Pregnant and in the early days of Teen Mom: their verbal fights are shrill and brutal, and one of their violent encounters resulted in Danielsen being arrested and charged with assault.

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The Danielsen/Saran conversation was uncomfortable to watch, not just because of what she said, but also because you could tell that she definitely thought she was 1,000 percent within reasonable boundaries. Abraham’s always had and continues to have boundary issues with her parents, and while she’s the Internet’s favorite person to hate, Monday night’s episode wandered into some uncomfortable territory, namely the kind that helps us understand some of what might be making Abraham so frustrated with her family.

Earlier this season, when Abraham and Sophia went to see Sophia’s father’s grave, we briefly revisited the question of whether or not Danielsen was responsible for Abraham and Derek’s breakup. It’s a difficult question to answer, and one might not consider Abraham the most reliable of sources, but watching Danielsen accuse Saran of being like her ex-husband (not just physically) definitely made it possible to see her getting extra involved in her daughter’s previous relationship.

Is there any evidence of Saran behaving violently? Have we ever heard Abraham claim such a thing, or is Danielsen aware of something we aren’t yet? Is this all about Danielsen just not liking Saran because she might perceive him as a threat to her (terrible) relationship with Abraham and Sophia?

Who knows what will actually happen with Abraham and Saran in the future, but right now, it seems like part of making another go of it might mean laying down some kind of law with Danielsen.

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