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LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband stirs up legal drama over his new cookbook

LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet have been divorced since 2009, but the drama continues between the couple.

Sheremet’s new cookbook Eat Your Heart Out: The Look Good, Feel Good, Silver Lining Cookbook , is being marketed as a guide from a “celebrity ex.” Rimes has no interest in being dragged into Sheremet’s life, according to InTouch Weekly. The mag has obtained legal documents referencing a “Marital Settlement Agreement” that “was intended to provide maximum privacy for both [Sheremet] and LeAnn.” The documents accuse Sheremet of breaching the confidentiality provisions of that agreement.

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Sheremet commented on the drama to InTouch. “The lawyers wanted to know what details I included about LeAnn. I just don’t get it. She already killed my happiness the first time around. [It’s like], ‘Move on already, LeAnn. I’ve moved on!’” he said.

InTouch also spoke to a source familiar with the agreement — one of Sheremet’s lawyers, perhaps? — who had this to say: “Neither is allowed to disclose ‘confidential information’ about the marriage that hasn’t previously been made public — including in a book. If either of them breaches these terms, legal options can be pursued.”

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Sheremet isn’t backing down on his decision to include his past with Rimes in the book. “I worked very hard on this book and I’m proud of it. I’m on people’s radar because of my past with her. I can’t erase my past; I referred to it and was very respectful. I’m not the one who cheated,” he says.

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