The Bachelor rumor reveals Ben Higgins’ huge finale dilemma

It’s clear after watching this season of The Bachelor so far that Ben Higgins is destined to leave more than a few broken hearts in his wake. What we didn’t expect is that he may end up heartbroken too.

And not because he doesn’t find love on the show.

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Just the opposite, in fact; he finds too much love by completely falling for two women in the end.

According to sources who spoke with Life & Style, Higgins has maybe the toughest time in the finale out of any other Bachelor in history.

“Ben looked like he was in love with both women,” one source explained, while another added that after his overnight date with the eventual runner-up, it was clear Higgins was conflicted.

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“He said it was awesome and he had never seen that side of her,” the source explained. “He said he didn’t know who he was going to choose.”

In fact, he definitely tells two of the women that he’s in love with them, leading to some seriously blindsided feelings in the end.

Even Higgins himself echoed the conflicted sentiments during another interview with the outlet. “Looking back now, it was hard, and there’s not always a clear answer for [what’s] right and wrong.”

He added, “I have to be confident in my decision. I have to be confident.”

Unfortunately, he shattered the confidence of the runner-up, who reportedly rushed back to her room after the rejection, called her mother and hadn’t even come out of her hotel by the next morning, all while Higgins celebrated with his new fiancée.

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Apparently, the rejection took her completely by surprise, as both ladies felt confident they would get the ring leading into the finale. A witness explained that the runner-up looked like her world had been shattered and “was so disappointed.”

Do you think it’s possible that Higgins will pull Jason Mesnick in the “After the Final Rose” episode and realize he picked the wrong girl?


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