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Teresa Giudice reveals how her childhood made her ‘really strong’

Teresa Giudice has been through a tough few years (her memoir is a testament to this), but she is a fighter, and she’s managed to stay strong throughout all her legal woes.

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Having recently completed an 11-month prison sentence, Giudice gave her first televised interview, with Good Morning America, in which she compared being behind bars to “living in hell.” But it was not just Giudice who was affected by her prison sentence, but also her four young daughters.

During a recent interview with E! News‘ Catt Sadler, Giudice revealed that she always put on a brave face in front of her daughters because she “wanted them to live their life, I didn’t want them to be sad.”

She continued, “When they came to see me they always smiled, they told me things that were going on. I was lifting them up, and they were lifting me up.”

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But even though she put on a brave front, visits from her family were emotionally taxing. Giudice said “the first visit was the hardest” and that after her daughters and husband Joe left, she “wanted to die.”

“I think we all teared up, and my husband [Joe Giudice] broke down every single time he came to see me,” she said.

But Giudice is a strong woman, something that was instilled in her from a young age.

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“Growing up… My dad didn’t want to see tears growing up. I was not allowed to cry,” Giudice explained. “So that’s why I’m really strong that way, too. I didn’t see my parents cry at all… So that’s why it takes a lot for me to cry.”

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