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Ryan Reynolds calls for more male exploitation in film

Ryan Reynolds is calling for Hollywood to make a change, and I, for one, am all for his ideas. The Deadpool star says that men should be required to show more of their bodies in films the way that women are. If we’re starting with him, I say yes.

I don’t actually have any pull in Hollywood, but they say every vote counts.

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While doing promotion for his new movie, Reynolds talked about what it was like to show his backside and some full-frontal shots in the new Deadpool movie. Never one to take undue credit, Reynolds said that his butt double was actually both Olsen twins. It seems more likely that the actor spent hours and hours in the gym. And that at least one Olsen twin was busy getting married.

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The new movie also gives the audience a couple of glimpses of Reynolds’ bare frontside as well. No word on whether he had a body double for those scenes, but the actor did start a campaign for more male exploitation in films. He said, “There should be more male nudity in movies. I’m just saying that because women are typically exploited in the worst ways… so I feel like you got to kind of even it out a little bit.”

The new dad then thought better of it and added, “Although, I don’t know. Maybe we should limit all of it just a little bit.”

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Although the suggestion was delivered as a joke, there was a genuine concern for the extreme imbalance of nude scenes in major Hollywood films, and it’s refreshing to see more male actors speak out on the subject. Although, if it’s a choice of covering up his abs or showing them off, I vote Ryan Reynolds should always be shirtless. But maybe that’s just me.

What do you think? How would you like to see the gender inequality fixed in film?

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