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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller labeled a racist after stereotyping young dancer

Criticism surrounding Abby Lee Miller is nothing new, but typically, most critiques center on her penchant for yelling at young dancers. Tonight, however, she continued what has become a disturbing trend regarding her treatment of minority dancers. The only disagreement among viewers is whether her latest comment about Nia Frazier was mildly insensitive or downright offensive.

Abby Lee Miller has returned to the ALDC, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. During tonight’s episode of Dance Moms, the mothers were still upset about Miller’s abandonment. However, they soon forgot about Miller’s decision to ditch the ALDC during the dreaded pyramid ritual, when Miller made a few observations that were anything but politically correct.

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Dance Moms Abby
Image: Lifetime

While discussing Nia Frazier and Kalani Hilliker’s previous African-style duet, Miller expressed surprise, as she had not expected Hilliker to be the better dancer. According to Miller, Frazier “looks the part” and thus should have taken to the new style faster than Hilliker.

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This is by no means the first time Miller has been accused of racism. She’s greatly bothered viewers in the past by having Frazier perform while wearing a dog collar. And a few years before the dog collar incident, she was accused of racial profiling when she had Frazier wear leopard print and an Afro wig for her infamous LaQueefa solo.

Holly Frazier
Image: Lifetime

As expected, Holly Frazier was not happy about Miller’s latest indiscretion, although she ultimately chalked it up to impulsivity. Clearly upset, she attempted to diffuse the tension by claiming that “both girls were great,” but at this point, Miller seemed intent on making the dancers and their moms as uncomfortable as possible.

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Viewers were nearly as upset about Miller’s remark as Frazier’s annoyed mother. Several made a point of defending the beautiful dancer, while others simply highlighted how ridiculous Miller’s reasoning was.

Miller loves to get a rise out of the moms, but tonight’s remarks were not OK. It’s amazing that Holly Frazier is willing to remain with the ALDC in light of Miller’s continued bad behavior, but one of these days, she just might come to her senses and realize that her daughter is better off without Miller’s toxic presence in her life.

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Were you offended by Abby Lee Miller’s latest indiscretion? Or are viewers getting too bent out of shape over a careless remark? Comment and share your opinion below.

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