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RHOBH‘s Yolanda Foster crossed the line with her children’s privacy

Just when it seems like the Yolanda Foster Lyme disease drama might be drawing to a close, her kids get involved and mama bear comes out. Too bad mama bear isn’t all that concerned about the privacy of her children. 

During last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna finally decided to apologize to Yolanda Foster for her remarks about Munchausen syndrome. At the time, many viewers suspected that her apology was less than genuine and now their suspicions have been confirmed. With Foster confronting Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards (who, despite being less than innocent in all of this, never really desired to be part of the Lyme disease drama), it became clear that Rinna was once again responsible for stirring up drama in Beverly Hills.

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Foster’s chat with Vanderpump and Richards did not only reflect poorly on Rinna — it also made Foster look bad! Her kids (who she claims also have Lyme disease) somehow were drawn into the argument. Determined to prove once and for all that her children have been diagnosed with a devastating illness, Foster attempted to shove their medical records in Vanderpump and Richards’ faces. The gals ultimately decided not to examine the records, claiming that, despite Mohamed Hadid’s insistence that the kids were just fine, they’d rather place their trust in Foster. They definitely made the right decision; the drama would surely have escalated had Vanderpump and Richards decided to look at the records.

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Although some Twitter users still have a great deal of sympathy for Foster, others believe that she was out of line when she tried to force Vanderpump and Richards to examine her kids’ medical records. Several viewers even accused her of trying to show off fake records, like Brooks Ayers.

As the above Twitter users claim, this is yet another example of Foster displaying poor judgment. First, she showed her kids her will right before going in for surgery and now she’s invaded her children’s privacy by attempting to show off their medical records, all in the interest of making a point. It’s unfortunate that everybody is questioning her, but she could handle the situation with a little more tact.

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Should Yolanda Foster have offered to show Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards her kids’ medical records? Or did she have no other choice after being badgered by the Beverly Hills Housewives? Comment and share your opinion below.

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