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The People v. O.J. Simpson gets some major Kardashian backlash

The People v. O.J. Simpson is clearly trying to capitalize on the Kardashian name throughout the season, but viewers aren’t buying it.

In the premiere, we saw the girls running around, disrupting Nicole’s funeral as they played like kids do, while matriarch Kris Kardashian shushed them from her seat.

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But on this week’s episode, we got a look inside the Kardashian home as the kids watched their dad, Robert Kardashian, read O.J. Simpson’s suicide note on TV. But instead of reacting to the horror of O.J.’s words, the girls, with son Rob Kardashian, just chanted their last name and commented about how cool it was their dad was on TV. Foreshadowing, much?

Of course, they wouldn’t understand the gravity of what their dad was saying, right? They would be more into being on TV. At least, that’s how it went down according to the show.

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While I appreciate the irony the show is clearly trying to push, I doubt that’s how the Kardashian kids handled the situation. And where was Kris while they were watching this horror play out with multiple people they were close to deeply involved?
More than dissecting the scene, the point is that the scene was really pointless, except to capitalize on the Kardashians’ fame, which a show of this caliber doesn’t need to do. The story holds up all on its own. It’s brilliantly written and an absolutely fascinating look inside the case and surrounding events.

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I don’t think we need to hate on the Kardashians as a result. That’s definitely not what I’m supporting. That family already gets enough flak on a daily basis. Rather, I’d like the keep the focus on the case and the dramatized events the show depicts, which are brilliant enough that view-baiting is unnecessary.

Do you think the Kardashian kids are necessary to include in the show?

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